Tsundere Hands


Character development


The sunset was beautiful today


The sunset was beautiful today


How to (not) protect you and your beloved from the rain with your school blazer.



I need to pick a “knowledge community”, which is essentially a fancy word for fandom, to do an assignment on. Chao would be too small to have enough content, and I almost considered doing it on truscum. Maybe nerdfighters would be the safest choice. (The example given is Potterheads.) Thoughts?

Could do it on the truscum community? You better mention that genderspatial is a brilliant blog and the person running it has gorgeous hair. 

I did do some basic outlining, but couldn’t make it fit the minimum 18 slides. I’m sure that information would have made it to the final draft.

Nothing beats having a cold and speculating whether or not masturbating is a good idea, and then doing it anyway.